Print Publications
  • In the lap of Nature -The Hermitage - The first article of mine to be published anywhere apart from my blog! This appeared in the Barclays Bank Newsletter, The Wave. Incidentally, that was because my hubby works for the bank!
  • Barclays Wave v6 Final 25 Jun[1]

  • In the land of the Om - My first article in a newspaper, this one appeared in the Sunday Herald, Bangalore


  • More than 30 of my stories - re-tellings of stories from Indian Mythology and Folk Tales, have appeared in  Bal Mukund - a publication of JK Yog. For details, read my posts on the books here.

Online Publications
  • On Travel Thru History, a unique travel 'zine dedicated to exploring historical and cultural experiences

  • On Pocket Cultures - an independent site which aims to increase connections, awareness and understanding between different cultures

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