About Me

Housewife, Mother, Traveller, Bookworm, aspiring Freelance writer..... these are just a few of the words that I think, describe me..... But if you want to know more, read on......... 

About Me......

I was one of those who was very sure what she wanted to be - a scientist.... and the road seemed clear ahead as I completed my Masters degree in Physics and enrolled for a Ph.D. That is when life took one of its sudden turns, and I found myself abandoning my choice of career and looking for something to keep me occupied.

While I was still exploring my options, I got married, and re-discovered the joys of travelling, especially since my husband loved getting out of the city as much as I did! Soon, however, came the joys (and travails) of motherhood, and life took another turn as I found that everything for me now revolved around my son.

Being the kind of person who cannot stay put in one place for too long, I was keen on doing something which would help me express myself, and that is when my sister-in-law suggested I write a blog. I was sceptical about it at first, but once I got on to the bandwagon, I was hooked!

My Blogs.......

Today, I write about a whole lot of stuff........

My main blog, A Wandering Mind is mainly about my travels, but as the name suggests, I wander every now and then to other topics too, such as my son and the happenings around me.

This is where you can catch up with all the small and big things I discover with my son, starting from our backyard, to wherever we travel.

My son- my inspiration!

My visit to Kashi made me realize how little we knew about the wonderful city, one of the oldest in India, and the heart of our culture and identity. There were so many people who wanted to go to Kashi, or send their parents on a pilgrimage, but did not know the details.I thought of writing a separate blog for Kashi and the surroundings, and thus, Kashi Yatra came into being. The response from the blog has been so awesome that I feel happy to have been of help to at least a few others.

Telling stories to my son and searching for books for him made me write down a few stories by myself. Not all of them are original, while some are from mythology and some from folk tales, but they are my rendition of the tales, and you can find them on this blog Stories for Children

The way ahead.....

Writing on the internet brought to the fore, dreams of seeing my name in print. This dream was also fulfilled when a couple of my articles were accepted by newspapers and magazines. You can check out my published articles on my Publications page (coming up soon).

Contact Me

The main reason for my starting a blog was to get in touch with like-minded people, and share information and  interests. The more I blog, the more this desire increases, so if you like my blog, please do drop in with your comments, and even if you don't, your suggestions are welcome!

You can write to me at anushankarn(at)gmail(dot)com

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